Surrender to Landscape

“Si yo pudiera elegir mi paisaje elegiría...”
Mario Benedetti


This is a duet between two artists that surrender themselves totally to landscape. They define themselves through it, while we live their experiences through their art. Two opposite landscapes: the Israeli desert and the Italian Alps. One gazes upwards, the other downwards. One horizontal, one vertical. One is a vision of cold, wet snow, and other of heat and aridity. Nature that brings us to the sublime, opening our heart and widening it. These images transport us to an open sky, a land without concrete, without urban noises, or technological disturbances.

With his lens, Doron Adar captures curves that reminds us of temples, rocks that talk about prehistory, the taste of dust, earthy colours, golds, ochres, siennas, soft dunes and rough grains. Forms that become abstract as they catch a glimpse of the infinite. Chiaroscuro games of dark shadows and areas that reflect the strong rays of light recall the famous mirages, Biblical scenes, waiting scenography, tableaux of the Holy Land. Adar’s photography makes them contemporary, real, tactile and earthly. His art invites us to a journey - like the prophets - searching for mystical experiences, purification and cleansing. An opening to clarity; to another time, to another space.


Carlotta Alberti lives in the mountains; she opens the door of her house, looks through her windows, and landscape becomes a presence. Val d’Aosta is not a tourist site for her; it is her daily reality, and still it keeps its wonder. She deeply understands its geography of high rocks, green meadows, larch trees and snow. A white blanket that purifies everything, the peaks, the roofs, the gates…The flicker of soft flakes, or the violence of a blizzard. The hard-daily work of clearing the paths, shoveling the snow out of the doorways, cutting icicles out of the gutters. Nature is a daily companion. Alberti absorbs its elegance, its supremacy, its majestic silence, and puts it in her works. The Cervino, a starring character of her oeuvre, appears repeatedly like a mantra; it is the meeting point of sky and earth. She is a witness of the divine presence in Val d’Aosta, and through her art so are we. Intense whites and blues, a few lines, brush strokes sage and precise.

Two artists, two landscapes, capturing nature in minute detail, like Durer’s Great Piece of Turf, or in wide vistas, like Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. They leave us with a sense of immense respect for Mother Earth.  

There are two exhibitions; one in the torrid heat of July in Jerusalem, the gate to the Judean Desert; a second in the Alpine cold of December in Valtourneche. A sensuality that alternates between the hot wind and the ice. As the curator was inspired by the principal of aesthetics which governs the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The space for the Ceremony is curated with extreme care: during the summer a painting of winter is hung to cool down the participants, while in winter a summer scene is chosen to warm up and comfort the guests. Two parallel experiences, also bringing to mind the sinks of our childhood, with one tap for cold water and another for hot; it is we the visitors who choose how to experience and how to combine them. One heartbeat at a cool low temperature and another heartbeat of hot sun.

Alejandra Okret

The open empty spaces,

The silence that surrounds me,

The huge smooth boulders

and the rough prickly rocks,

The dunes that break apart in the wind

and rise to life elsewhere.


This is the deep, liberating,

breathing breath that opens

the heart and awakens the soul.


Desert .   Life .